Colorsteel® Continuous Steel Spouting

CA Spouting recommends genuine COLORSTEEL® as their guttering of choice in Christchurch. 

The COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel range continues on the tradition of a great roofing and spouting product, with a wide selection of colours to suit practically every New Zealand home or building. This great roofing product has been designed to meet the demands of New Zealand's range of environments for roofing, guttering, downpipes and beyond. 

The COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel range has 24 nature inspired colours - from the dramatic to the subtle. The range of colours will allows you to blend in either with the local surroundings or use colour to enhance bold design and contrast with various colour combinations. 

 The roof and associated guttering, spouting and downpipes are an integral part of every building or home. Product selection is an important consideration when it comes to your most prized possession. The colour of the roof may be used to contrast (or complement) the rest of the house. 

COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel roofing and spouting is suitable for almost every design, long straight lines or gentle curves, which can be used to create stunning homes. Colorsteel's light weight gives greater design flexibility, while the colours give the choice of blending or creating interest through building design. 

COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel products are used extensively in building for roofs, fascias, gutters, downpipes and cladding throughout New Zealand. Other products may look the same, but they don't always match the performance of the genuine COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel.