Vintage Copper© Spouting that lasts a lifetime

Do you want the best spouting that money can buy?

Vintage Copper Spouting© is that solution. It lasts longer is environmentally friendly and looks stunning.

Copper is a heritage metal that has been utilised for countless generations for a wide range of guttering and plumbing needs. It is fully recyclable and is the most eco-friendly guttering material available. A substantial amount of recycled copper goes into the production of Vintage Copper Spouting.

Your new copper gutters will be virtually maintenance-free and will require no painting whatsoever throughout its entire lifetime.

Copper guttering works as a natural biocide purifying the water to stop the build up of algae, making it the perfect solution to a rainwater harvesting system.

In fact copper spouting has been considered the ultimate in guttering for generations and for very good reason. 

There are several other good reasons to use Vintage Copper spouting on a home, far beyond the aesthetic and elegant look that it immediately adds. 

Copper is very corrosion-resistant. It is not uncommon for copper spouting and downpipes to have a lifespan of 60 to 90 years It truly is a heritage spouting that can last a lifetime.

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