• Colorsteel® Spouting Extrusion

    Available in a range of designer colours and grades to suit just about any environment, COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is a well established premium spouting product that is recognised New Zealand wide.

  • Vintage Copper Spouting

    CA Spouting offers a superior continuous Vintage Copper Spouting that lasts the test of time. Copper has been used for countless generations for guttering and spouting. It is environmentally natural, visually attractive and fully recyclable.

  • Rainwater Systems

    We produce efficient rainwater systems that perfectly suit New Zealand conditions. Say goodbye to annoying drips with our continuous spouting and downpipes that efficiently deal with stormwater conditions.

  • Spouting Replacement

    We can replace sections of your spouting by replacing parts of your existing guttering

  • Downpipe Replacement

    Need new downpipes? We can deliver both quickly and efficiently

  • Guttering Repairs

    No more drips. Get rid of annoying drips and leaks by repairing your guttering. It's cheaper than you'd expect. Give us a call on 0800 33 77 94

  • Guttering Installation

    All our guttering is extruded and measured to fit on site and we remove any old nails and your old guttering for you

  • FREE Consultancy

    Our consultancy and quoting service is free. If you've got any more questions regarding our services give us a call.